About Us

The Sleeper Cell Trailer Alarm is brought to you by Haute-Solutions.  We are the manufacturers, and sellers.  Our goal is to provide the ultimate trailer alarm at an affordable price.  Not only does our system help to deter theft and protect your trailer, it also notifies you of the occurrence via "SMS" text messages.  If you equip your Sleeper Cell Trailer Alarm with our GPS antenna, it will also send you the coordinates of where your trailer is located, so you will be able to recover it.

The idea began when Ed Van Every of Digital Intelligence (a computer forensics company in Wisconsin) purchased a track car and a new trailer.  He was in the market for an alarm system because he would be leaving his trailer unattended for long periods of time.  Every system he found required constant power and a monthly fee; not what Ed was hoping to find, he decided to develop his very own alarm.  Ed's good friends, Donnie Isley and Laura Hayes, who both compete in the SCCA (Sports Car Club of America), thought this was an exciting idea that should be introduced to the racing world, an area they both are passionate about.  As the idea continued to grow and word of the Sleeper Cell spread, Laura and Donnie began to hear the many stories of people who have had their trailers broken into or stolen.  What first began as a product "made by racers, for racers," is now something for anybody who owns a business, or has a unique passion, which requires the use of a trailer.  The Sleeper Cell and its many capabilities will give anyone peace of mind at a reasonable price.